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We believe consumer technology is the most powerful force on earth, shaping culture and transforming the global economy at unprecedented speed and scale.

We invest around the globe, and across many stages and sectors of consumer technology—from finance to food, from healthcare to housing, from entertainment to education to travel. But all of our portfolio companies have one thing in common: each one has the power to change the world for good.

Financial Services California

Jerry helps people compare quotes from more than 50 insurance carriers in a matter of seconds—and they currently serve more than 1 million customers across the US.

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Financial Services New York

Stash offers investing, banking, and financial education to help people create more secure financial futures—and so far, they’ve already helped 6 million people and counting.

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Food California

Weee! delivers exciting Hispanic and Asian groceries right to your home. The company delivers to 48 US states, and has already fulfilled over 19 million orders.

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Healthcare Texas

Everly Health is transforming modern diagnostics and the care associated with it. Altogether, their meaningful healthcare services reach 20 million people every year.

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Financial Services South Korea

Toss offers easy and intuitive financial services for everyone. More than 22 million subscribers use Toss to power their everyday financial needs.

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