Goodwater’s research group’s mission is to empower exceptional entrepreneurs through the thoughtful marriage of research, data, technology, and years of real-world venture experience. As a member of the team, you will work hand-in-hand with Goodwater’s technology and investment teams to identify and answer the tough questions that will help Goodwater invest in the best consumer tech startups and help our portfolio companies grow and succeed.

Do these qualities describe you?

  • Curiosity: You notice patterns and phenomena and ask “why?”
  • Quantitative and qualitative thinking: You seek out the best available data and explore it to answer these kinds of questions. Your analyses and insights are guided and vetted by your qualitative understanding of consumer behavior and market trends.
  • Thoughtful and aware: You strive for thorough and rigorous analysis. You also recognize that we must make decisions based on imperfect data, while mindful of the limitations of our information.
  • Humble and collaborative: You have come to realize that the more knowledge you gain, the less you actually know, and that pushes you to continually seek knowledge from others. You are also eager to share your knowledge and insights with others.
  • Entrepreneurial: You’re comfortable with moving fast and adapting to fluid roadmaps and priorities. You aren’t afraid of failure and look for creative solutions to overcome challenges.

Required Experience & Skills:

  • Research: Experience researching open ended topics, creating frameworks for evaluation and executing with strong attention to detail.
  • Data: Ability to curate, cleanse, compile and analyze disparate sets of data.
  • Financial: Experience looking at basic financial data and company level KPIs.
  • Presentation: Ability to synthesize key findings in writing and powerpoint to bring all team members up to speed on your findings.

Achievements: 1 month, 3 month, going forward:

What you have to achieve:

  • Foundational market research for new potential target investments
    • Product comparisons
    • Market mapping and sizing
    • Competitive Intelligence
  • In depth diligence and primary research for high potential target investments
    • Customer and user interviews
    • Surveys of products and market categories
    • Focus groups and field research
  • Data curation and analysis
    • Compilation of data sets: ingestion, structuring, and cleaning of disparate data sources including company financials, KPIs and valuations.
    • SQL based data pulls to do comparative analysis and benchmarking.
    • Summarize consumer core value proposition through analysis

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