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Goodwater Investment Team

Full Time

Are you an expert in consumer tech audience, eCommerce, or services companies? Do you want to expand your expertise further by learning how to identify and invest in the best startup companies in each consumer category? We are looking to grow our investment team with people who love learning about the whole spectrum of consumer tech companies from startup to market leaders and identifying the key patterns of successful companies. Investment team members are empowered to learn everything there is to know about the companies, teams, products, and business models in a specific category from early stage startups to public market giants.

Goodwater’s investment team is passionate about empowering exceptional entrepreneurs by helping to fund and build the the next generation of great consumer companies that change the world. You will have the opportunity to impact the entire spectrum of our investment process, including:

  • Investment thesis development
  • Diligence and primary research
  • Portfolio company support

What makes you a perfect fit for Goodwater’s investment team:

  • You love research: If you are incessantly curious to learn more, this role will fit you well. Investing is all about seeking the truth. You are self-motivated to find creative and structured methods to uncovering insights that will drive our investment decisions.
  • You love products: New apps, websites, or consumer services catch your attention and you are quick to learn more about the ones that have something special to offer and try them out before anyone else.
  • Entrepreneurial: Similar to our portfolio companies, Goodwater is a fast growing venture and requires team members who are builders and like to get their hands dirty.
  • Service oriented: Venture capital is fundamentally a service business and we exist to serve and support our portfolio companies.
  • Consumer technology is second nature to you: 140 character tweets, vertical e-commerce, the disruption of broken industries such as healthcare and finance – our team members live and thrive in the world of apps and internet services that impact the day to day lives of consumers.

An ideal candidate has some or all of the following experiences:

  • Base level of professional experience in an analyst role – 1-2+ years of consulting or investment banking.
  • Exposure to developing investment theses and making investments – 1-3 years at an investment firm, such as a hedge fund, private equity and/or venture capital firm.
  • Experience in a fast-growing consumer startup – 1-2 years in product management, product marketing, or data science.

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Goodwater Junior Engineer

Full Time

Goodwater Capital is an early stage venture capital firm investing in consumer technology startups. Goodwater’s mission is to empower exceptional entrepreneurs who are changing the world. We are hiring developers who love building products and solving large scale data problems. Our team is creating innovative software solutions for Goodwater and our portfolio companies. Key responsibilities include designing and launching next generation web services to a broad global audience.


We are looking for passionate developers excited about consumer technology and the startup ecosystem. We want to work with engineers who are self-motivated and eager to push themselves to learn more and grow, just as we are.


  1. Excitement about data processing, frontends or communications services
  2. Proficiency in frontend technology including Javascript, HTML, and CSS and/or backend technology including C++/Java
  3. Willingness to work hard and grow in a fast paced dev team
  4. A desire to wear multiple hats and learn other technologies


  1. Worked in a startup, incubator environment or equivalent course experience where moving fast and developing iteratively is standard
  2. Familiarity with quality and scalability designs and best practices
  3. Familiarity with developing web services and/or working with databases
  4. Proficiency in one or more of Java, Ruby on Rails, Python

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About Goodwater Capital

The mission of Goodwater Capital is to empower exceptional entrepreneurs who are changing the world. We are 100% focused on early stage consumer tech, an area that we define simply as apps and services adopted directly by consumers. Goodwater is founded on the belief that we are experiencing an explosion of new consumer-driven opportunities in communications, community, and commerce. We are excited to see great entrepreneurs pioneering powerful new platforms to serve consumers across a broad range of industries including local services, marketplaces, health care, education, financial services, and wearables… just to name a few. Goodwater is focused on Series A and Series B consumer tech investments and our chief investment criteria is simple — a product or service that early customers LOVE. Goodwater was founded in 2014 and manages nearly $400M across two venture capital funds. We are actively investing and building a growing portfolio of exciting consumer audience, commerce, and platform companies.